You know a technology is reaching mainstream adoption when the government is commissioning reports into growing it as a sector. That is exactly what has just happened for AI. 

A new independent report looking at the state of AI in the UK, and what we need to do to remain world-leaders, has just been released. It is no surprise that the focus is on growing the talent pool & making more data readily available for training.

A couple of years ago, start-ups using AI were sexy and all the pitches we saw majored on how they were adopting this emerging technology. Now it's just table stakes. Just like cloud computing before it, AI is in the transition from cutting edge new technology to just another tool in the start-up toolbox. To make this possible though, AI and all its various specialties will need to grow up from being the work of experts, to an embedded skill across the entire tech workforce. How quickly that can be achieved, and how, will be fascinating to watch.