VCs often get asked (and quite rightly so) how their fund is differentiated from all the other VCs in the market. To be honest, I think a lot of VCs aren't differentiated in any meaningful way. After reading a few interviews with VCs you can quickly see a pattern emerging around the same contrived answers: "network"... "help with strategy/recruitment/funding/internationalisation" ... "entrepreneurs who have been there before" etc. 

At Oxford Capital, we understand what really makes a difference for Entrepreneurs…… 

Six fingered hand prostheses, giving us 20% extra manual capacity, and hence 20% more value add!!! 

I’m kidding of course (although the prosthesis mentioned in the article below is undeniably awesome in its uselessness).  But I’d be really interested to hear from Entrepreneurs about what they look for in a VC – do get in touch!, Six Digit Capital?