The latest stats from TfL show that mobile payments are finally taking off, with one-in ten contactless journeys paid for by Apple Pay etc. While mobile payments have been around for a couple of years, widespread adoption seems to have taken some time to arrive as consumer habits are slow to change.

So what next for payments? Personally I think the Nordics are leading the way,  with both Sweden and Denmark on-track to become cashless societies. When I'm in London it's easy to go weeks without taking out cash, as contactless payments have become ubiquitous - though the same isn't quite true outside of the city.

It will be interesting to see the second order effects of cash disappearing. As all of our money becomes digital, it should be easier than ever to move it into and out of saving accounts. Wallets will become slimmer and stop clogging up our pockets, and simple acts like paying a friend back will switch to digital. Becoming a cashless society will drive a raft of behaviour changes in consumers and could create some interesting opportunities for entrepreneurs, a few of which I'm sure nobody will have predicted.