If you've ever browsed through fantasy books in your local bookstore, you'll have noticed that there's a particular style of map that seems to accompany these imagined worlds. While the content is created by the author, it's then often up to an artist to create the map of the made up world - but no longer - coding to the rescue!

I came across a great twitter account (@unchartedatlas) that posts fantasy maps, and they're all generated purely from code. The link below goes through to a blog that describes how it works, and lets you generate your own fantasy maps - a great way to waste some time. The more interesting point though, is that it's another example of software eating creative jobs - even though in this case it's a pretty small and niche job. 

It's probably never going to be a big business, but it shows how much of what we view as original or creative content can be displaced by machines.