Further evidence in today’s City AM of the strength of the UK's Fintech sector. Figures indicate a rebound in investment levels in Fintech startups - an area of tech that will likely drive a revolution in the financial sector over the next 10 years, in the same way the ‘big bang’ did in the '80s. 

The combination of London’s position as the greatest financial centre on the planet, combined with the strength of the co-located technology and capital sectors, is a great synergy. Strong stock-markets and attractive pound/dollar rates also currently help . Questions raised by Brexit (and its links through to EU financial regulation) have been largely swept aside as noise, though we still need to keep a close eye on this. I am particularly encouraged to see propositions coming through across the whole spectrum of sub-sectors: from challenger banks to digital payments, alternative finance to consumer digital banking, insurtech to blockchain. Exciting times.