Deepmind is in discussions with the National Grid to use their AI to help predict the supply and demand of electrical energy. 

As we move towards renewables such as wind and solar, the supply of electrical power into the grid has become dramatically more volatile - mainly because weather changes can have a direct impact on the electrical energy available. The larger providers of electricity, such as conventional power stations, take significant time to ramp up their output. This leaves potential short term holes in electrical supply. Couple with this a constantly fluctuating level of demand, and you can see why AI looks like a good solution.

By forecasting both the demand and supply -  and therefore any shortfall or over supply - the cost of electrical supply can be reduced, and so can the demand for very high cost peak electricity.

It remains to be seen the value that Deepmind can provide, but a narrowing of the gap between electrical supply and demand can have significant value. So too could any savings that could be made through simple optimisation.