Automation and AI displacing jobs is going to be a big macro trend over the next few decades. The generally held wisdom is that the more manual or procedural jobs will be displaced first, while creative jobs will be last to go. At first glance you might think of fashion as a creative industry free from threat from AI and robots, but actually I think it will be one of the first to see major disruption.

Many of the component parts of a fashion company are ripe for disruption - product design, production, supply chains, shipping, returns or marketing. The hot tech spaces of AI and robotics could allow a fashion company to offer bespoke, made to measure services at real scale without needing the traditional in-person service model.

If a start-up can successfully disrupt just a few components of a fashion company (say production and supply) and execute well, it will result in a fundamentally different offering to consumers. The reason that I think fashion will experience major disruption faster than other industries is the power of consumer expectations, as we've seen before with free returns it only takes a couple of brands to offer a new service consumers love, before the bar is raised and they expect all brands to offer it. So all it takes is a couple of emerging brands to really take advantage of automation, and consumers will expect the whole industry to step up its game - leaving incumbents scrabbling to catch-up.