The robot revolution can sound pretty scary, with the image of humanoid robots replacing us as the dominant race. The truth is a lot less exciting. The robot revolution is now becoming visible to consumers through dull, practical applications of robotics.

The reason consumer robots are so dull (and mainly industrial) is that it's hard for them to operate in the real world. The robots sold to consumers have to be able to survive five year olds and family pets, as well as doing their job.

Hoovering was one of the earliest mass market consumer robot fields, but another that's now emerging is home farming. FarmBot is building robots that can sit in your back garden and grow all the veg one person needs. The reason I like FarmBot so much is that I think it genuinely adds value for people. Everybody likes the idea of home grown food, but few have the skills, time and dedication to do a good job of it - a perfect scenario for robots.

I'm looking forward to more dull, but practical, robots emerging. The less time I have to spend on chores or dull repetitive tasks, and the more great things like home grown food I can have, the better.