The Digital City Index has ranked London as the number 1 startup city in Europe. Oxford, Cambridge, Bristol, Manchester and Edinburgh also round out the top 20.

We feel that the UK is one of the best places to start a new company and are pleased to see the report supporting this. With portfolio companies in London, Oxford, Manchester and Edinburgh we feel that Europe and especially the UK has really come of age as the go to hub for European Startups.

The maturing of companies and major exits form companies such as SkyScanner, DeepMind, Swiftkey, VocalIQ, Magic Pony and others produces funds and experience that will help drive the next generation of great companies. They also create VC returns that will drive further investment into the market and will also cement Europe as a major hub for innovation, new technology and business ideas.

We salute the continuing rise of the European startup community and are excited to be at the heart of this expansion in London.