The world is awash with the tidal wave of uncertainty created by the Trump victory last week. Bonds are down. The Dow never been higher. No one knows what it means. How do you deal with such macro-uncertainty? Small high growth businesses have to deal with high levels of uncertainty all the time. A key skill for high-performing boards is being able to deal with this inherent state of flux. Do you forecast everything will carry on in a straight line (this seems to be a common approach)? Do you over-react and refuse to forecast at all? 

I think companies that are experienced at dealing with uncertainty keep their ‘ears’ open (what data does a board see from the shop floor?), remain open-minded and agile, do not place too much faith in forecasts and focus on the items within their sphere of control and influence.

These are uncomfortable times, but I suspect dealing with uncertainty is something we had all better get used to.