The writing is on the wall for the internal combustion engine, after Paris banned pre-1997 cars from the city during the week federal council in Germany has now passed a resolution to ban the internal combustion engine by 2030. The resolution is non-binding in this case, but it's still a serious political statement and shows the direction of travel.

In most areas of innovation, regulation often lags behind the tech. With engines this isn't quite the case, as regulation is piling the pressure on fossil fuel based technologies, just as fast as innovation is opening up the potential of an electric future. In many ways this is a unique area for companies to innovate in, because the political & popular support is already there and is just awaiting a believable technology to adopt.

So the future looks bright for electric. That being said, a little part of me still hopes that the end of the traditional engine would mean a shift to external combustion or rocket engines...because who doesn't want a rocket car?