Lego and Land Rover - two brands with many years of history - have been working together on the launch of the new Land Rover Discovery. These are two brands for which I feel a lot of affinity, but they are also two great case studies of brands that are standing the test of time. They are modernising, they are growing their audience, yet they are staying true to their core values. 

There is lots to learn in here for startups. "Lean startup methodology" and "minimum viable products" are talked about a lot by VCs and entrepreneurs but if you read around the launch of this new car from Land Rover, the focus is on maniacal attention to detail: millions of hours of testing, quantified physical capabilities, a world record breaking lego structure (and some relevant celebrity brand ambassadors for good measure). 

Of course, all of this takes a level of money and resources that JLR possesses and startups do not. But it is a timely reminder that you can't just be quick and lean. You also need to produce a quality product. And of course it helps if you can put on a show.