One of the big battles being fought across technology is between the conflicting desires for individual privacy and government or regulatory requirements for transparency and accountability. I think Bitcoin is one of the more interesting fronts in this war, as a technology that was originally inherently private, but is trying to grow up into a more mainstream platform that keeps regulators happy.

While every individual transaction in Bitcoin is anonymous, there is also a perfect record of all transactions that have ever happened. Once you start to identify a few addresses, it's possible to use big data analytics and clustering analysis to start to see through the anonymity.

Today there are start-ups using technology to reinforce Bitcoin's privacy, with Bitcoin tumblers, and big data start-ups aiming to lift the veil of privacy. Just like news around ad-blocker-blockers, this technology tit-for-tat makes for interesting news, but really it just serves to highlight the more fundamental question of how the concept of privacy in society should evolve alongside our evolving technology.