In the world of cyber security the old-school approach of just building a high wall (firewall) around your house to keep out the bad guys is no longer enough. As network infrastructure has become more complex, with the rise of the cloud and bring-your-own-device, it's no longer safe to assume that a firewall will keep out the bad guys. This has given rise to a whole host of cyber security technologies designed to kick in once the bad guy is already in your house, from anomaly detection to honey-potting.

The rise of drones is about to have the same effect on physical security. No longer will your actual high wall, barbed wire fence and moat stop the bad guys getting in. Recently at Black Hat, a security industry conference, researchers showed off a $500 drone that's basically a flying hacking machine - a simple job to fly over your fence and hack into the wifi point.

I've previously written about how our environment will be designed to be robot friendly in future, but the flip side of that is a building designed to confuse robots. I'm also looking out for the next wave of physical security tech, that will bridge the offline and online security world and help prevent these attacks.