The anti-Uber ridesharing alliance (Lyft + Didi + Ola + Grab) has been shattered by Didi's merger with Uber China. To illustrate the absurdity of the new ridesharing and on-demand landscape, I put together the cluster map below (larger version here). 

Uber and Didi's CEOs will join each others boards, and certain investors have now invested in three or more competing ridesharing startups (the winner is Softbank, who now have a direct investment in every major ridesharing startup - Uber, Didi, Lyft, Ola and Grab). 

Another interesting recent twist has been the spate of investments made by the major auto manufacturers in ridesharing or ride-hailing startups. With Uber's valuation surpassing that of GM, Ford or Honda, it makes sense for auto manufacturers to position themselves as the OEM of choice for ridesharing and on-demand services.