Week 4 of my internship is nearly over. As my colleagues check in on my progress, I can't help but give a similar response: time really has flown by! This, naturally, could only be followed with 'when you're having fun!'. And I have to say, it's very much true... 

Cue Primal Legends. One of our portfolio companies, Kobojo, launched the beta version of their much anticipated game, Primal Legends, on Google Play and the App Store a couple of days ago. While at work today I downloaded the game. Yes, work can be play at a Venture Capital firm. 

A brief summary of the game: somewhere between chess, Candy Crush and an animal version of Game of Thrones. Your aim? Save Theria from the chaos that has plagued the land since the stones of power fell from the sky. By fighting and defeating enemies in a series of battles - all with the help of creatively named heroes - you will bring peace and become a Legend. Could you want any more from a game? 

If that description doesn't have you reaching for your phone, check out the teaser below. Your commute to work will never be the same.